Vintage Piano Vellum & Leather

Special leather for restoring vintage piano actions. Vellum was used successfully as hinges for action flanges. Our vellum comes in two thicknesses, we recommend the 0.3 mm variety for Viennese piano actions and for restoring Bluthner grand piano damper underlevers. Vellum is sold in stripsĀ  2″ x 32″.

Viennese beak leather is used on Viennese shanks. Our beak leather is carefully selected from specially tanned skins of the Chamois, an alpine mountain goat. Sold in 10 x 10 cm = 4 x 4″ pieces, enough for one set of Viennese shanks.

  • A. #370103 Vellum for vintage action flanges, 0.3 mm thick
  • B. #370107 Vellum for vintage action flanges, 0.7 mm thick
  • C. #370210 Beak Leather for Viennese actions