Ring Voicers for Needling Piano Hammers

[March 2014] The single needle ring voicers are coming back.  This tool was developed by my friend Jack Houwelling and popularized by Don Mannino, Director of Technical Training for Kawai and Shigeru Kawai Pianos and certified Kawai MPA (Master Piano Artisan).

After being out of production for over a year, we have sourced a new manufacturer.  The new ring voicers are available in aluminum or solid brass. They will feature more ergonomic shaping and a beautiful, lacquered bead blasted surface allowing for a better grip.

These single needle voicing tools are good for getting into tight spots such as on verticals.  As well, they can be used on grands to good effect.


Ring Voicers: single needle piano hammer voicing tool



Hammer Voicing Blocks with hot pink leather trim

[Feb. 2014] Just in time for Valentines, and available for a limited time only we have created a variant of our gorgeous voicing blocks # 130300.  As before, the blocks are shaped out of quarter-sawn figured rock maple.  This kind of wood is often used for expensive guitars and such.

These special edition voicing blocks are trimmed with prime Nu-Buck leather in a to-die-for fuchsia.

Who can resist, really?

Retractable Chopstick Voicer

[September 2013] Our new Retractable Chopstick Voicing Tool is garnering a fair bit of attention.  The needle is mounted in a small diameter rod, and the rod stores safely inside the body of a mechanical pencil. By pressing the top of the pencil, the collets holding the rod release, allowing you to adjust the rod to whatever length you need for between-the-string voicing. Store the rod in the opposite direction to protect your fingers from the needle. Chopstick voicers are used for final and small voicing touch up without the need to pull the grand action.

Retractable Chopstick Voicer (and other small voicing tools)