Grand Piano Casters

Piano Forte Supply can proudly and unequivocally state that we carry the finest grand piano casters available anywhere.  Quality casters will make moving a stage piano safer and easier they will not only enhance the instrument’s appearance, they have been shown to improve the tone.

Our grand piano casters are also available with a vulcanized (baked on) rubberized, non-marking  coating, making them the ideal piano caster for wood floors.

- highest quality German design & engineering
- CNC machining to exacting standards
- 5 sealed ball bearings in every caster assure effortless rolling and smooth swiveling
- sturdy, locking brakes on two wheels of every set.
- long stem assures solid connection to the piano leg
- precision solid brass wheels
- flush wheel hub for easy cleaning and elegant styling
- rubberized wheels available, with a non-marking, permanently vulcanized elastic coating for sensitive floors
- available in three sizes, all built to the same quality standards
- Optional features:
T-handle brake knob or optional star screw knob
screw-in stem socket available
rubberized coating available in black or tan

  • A. #925100 Casters size A (Concert), brass wheels
  • B. #925150 Casters size A (Concert), black rubberized wheels
  • C. #925200 Casters size B (medium), brass wheels
  • D. #925250 Casters size B (medium), black rubberized wheels
  • E. #925300 Casters size C (small), brass wheels
  • F. #925350 Casters size C (small), black rubberized wheels