Pure Sound Piano Wire

Pure sound piano wire. This wire, made from stainless steel, was originally developed for vintage pianos from 1830 onwards. But it has all kinds of useful applications: it has been successfully employed in modern pianos with short scales or low tension scales. It is especially useful for solving scaling problems in change-over areas and breaks.

This wire comes in larger, stress-free coils, from 12″-16″.
1/4, 1/2 lb and 1 lb  coils available.
This wire is denoted in European Wire gauges.

  • A. #832125 Pure Sound Wire, sizes 12 – 26,  1/4 lb coil
  • B. #832250 Pure Sound Wire, sizes 12 – 26,  1/2 lb coil
  • C. #832500 Pure Sound Wire, sizes 12 – 26,  1 lb coil