Adjustable Piano Hammer Voicing Tool

Adjustable piano hammer voicing tool. Adjust needle length from 0 to 1/2″ by turning the thumb screw. Do everything from sugar coating to deep needling with one tool. Retract the needles for storage – no more cap to roll away or get lost. The mechanism is machined solid stainless steel. This tool comes with a padded pouch, spare needles, spare set screws and a jewelers’ Allen screwdriver for changing needles. Two handle sizes available. Beware of cheaper, off-shore imitation of this tool.

  • A. #130190 Voicing Tool, adjustable needle length, regular handle
  • B. #130192 Voicing Tool, adjustable needle length, large handle


Master voicer Boaz Kirschenbaum demonstrates the voicing of Steinway hammers using our adjustable voicing tool: