Piano Hammer Voicing Needles, Chalk for Voicing

A. High quality German needles for voicing piano hammers.  Sharp, with an excellent taper that makes penetration of hammer felt easy.  Superior steel, hard and resilient, to resist bending and breakage.  The surface is smooth and highly polished. The #7 shorts have a tiny eye which does not need to be clipped off prior to use.   Pack of 25. Specify size.

#1 = .9 mm / .036″ for single needle,

#2 = .8 mm / .032″ for single needle,

#7 short = .65 mm / .026″ for 3 needle tools. Other sizes upon request.1



Voicing Needle Sizes PFS

  • A. #130292 Voicing Needles


B. White chalk for marking keys during voicing piano hammers. Known as “fast chalk”, this high quality German chalk makes clear markings and rubs off easily with no residue, even on a finished surface like on a key up-stop rail or damper head. It will not roll off the work bench. Paper wrapped. Used at Steinway for their work and training. This chalk is not available anywhere else.

  • B #130320 Voicing Chalk


C. Voicing Felt Strip for checking the mating of piano hammers to the strings.  Insert between repetition levers and knuckles so that hammers block on the strings, then pluck individual strings to determine the fit of the hammers to the strings of a given unison.

  • C #130325 Voicing Felt Strip