Atlas of Piano Numbers

The updated European “Atlas of Piano Numbers” in its 12th Edition. The alphabetical list has more than 6,000 entries to manufacturers of upright and grand pianos, as well as to historical keyboard instruments and harmoniums from all over Europe and covers the period from the 1700s to today.  A  separate section lists makers according to country and city.  Also included is a list of almost 400 European manufacturers of keyboards and actions, some with serial numbers.  This overview enables cross reference and dating of instruments of less prominent and even obscure manufacturers. A selection of 130 logos, decals and names on plate castings round out this comprehensive volume.  Although this reference work is in German, anyone can use it because it is mostly names and numbers with little text. Edited by Jan Grossbach.

545 pages, softcover. Printed 2017

  • Item # 999310   European Piano Atlas