The Piano Hammer

The Piano Hammer – a detailed investigation into an important facet of piano manufacturing

by Walter Pfeiffer – English version by J. Engelhardt,  120 pages, softcover

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Note:The book title is a bit of a misnomer. This book does not focus on hammer heads, hammer felt and voicing. If you are looking for that kind of information, see The Voice of the Piano.

This landmark book by one of Germany’s leading authorities on the subject explores the development of piano actions from earliest times until the present day.  Part one of the book explores different hammer actuation designs, including bumping, pushing, pulling and linked actions.  The second part of the book explains the hammer in its relationship to the jack, the wippen and the key, exploring let-off resistance, hammer weight and kinetic energy, and action transmission ratios.  A useful reference guide for technicians working to optimize piano touch and inertia.  A reference for anyone interested in historical and rare piano actions, and the evolution of piano actions in general.

Illustrated with 91 sketches and illustrations with 4 graphs.

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