Miscellaneous Piano Action Felts, pre-cut

Miscellaneous piano action felts for upright pianos: Red hammer butt squares, pre-cut, 5 mm thick; upright Backcheck Felt blocks, 6 mm (1/4″) thick, perfect for vintage uprights; Muffler (Practice/Mute Rail) Felt tapering in thickness from 3 mm to 1.5 mm.

  • A. #281500 Upright Hammer Butt Felts, pre-cut, 5 mm, set
  • B. #2830600 Upright Backcheck Felts, pre-cut, 6 mm thick, 30mm long, set
  • C. #290160 Muffler Felt, 6 cm x 130 cm, tapered thickness


Felts strips for grand: grand damper tray felt and grand damper up-stop rail (liberty rail) felt strips. This is a red felt of the perfect density for this purpose.  Other thicknesses available: 4 mm and 6 mm. Please specify.

  • D.#276505 Grand Damper Up-stop Rail Felt Strip,   5 mm thick
  • E. #276520 Grand Damper Tray Felt Strip,   5 mm thick