Dr. Bendit String Bending Tool

Jan. 2016. The Dr. Bendit String Bending Tool will help settle new strings, aid in tuning stability and improve tone. This tool helps to better define the bend of string wire at the bridge pins, resulting in a string which “hugs” the bride pin instead of traveling in an arc in front of and behind the bridge.

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Wire bending tool

The benefits of a well defined string wire bend at the bridges are well known. Up to now, technicians have done this by pushing or tapping against the string just past the bridge pin. The bridge pin takes the brunt of the force, and often it is loosened as the wood holding it in the bridge surface is compressed and crushed. This can lead to false beats and other tonal problems.

With this tool, is easy work to safely define the string bends at the bridge pin. The tool is placed onto the bridge pin and by turning it, the little nose catches the string and defines the bend in the wire. The bridge pin is not on the receiving end of the stress involved in defining the bend.

String Bending Tool

Item # 110420 String Bending tool