Furniture Casters for High-End Projects

October 2017  Grand Piano Casters are now available for high-end furniture work.  If your company is looking for special wheels to support and move  custom bar carts, easels, desks, islands or tables, we may have the solution.


Working with our German manufacturer of our grand piano wheels, we have come up with low-profile solutions for mounting casters under your exquisite piece of furniture.  These double wheel casters are machined from solid brass and incorporate five b ball and needle bearing for impeccably smooth rolling and swiveling. The brake locks the wheel securely when the cabinet (table, cart, bed) is not being moved. Non-marking PUR tread is optional, and casters made entirely out of stainless steel are available as well.


Furniture caster

Furniture caster

These are modified versions of our D sized grand piano casters.  The modification include a short stem and changes to the geometry of the body and the brakes so that the wheel can swivel 360 degrees under a base of a cabinet without touching the brake knob.


These caster have been successfully used by several high-end custom furniture designers.