Hammer Removal Pliers has useful Features

Someone asked which tool can be used to remove hammers from WNG shanks, which have a significantly smaller diameter than wood shanks.

The Piano Forte Supply hammer shank extractor pliers have a punch/die/plunger which is threaded and screws in.  It is secured by a small set screw.  see photo.
This allows the user to:
1) adjust the depth that the die plunges into the workpiece
2) replace the die if it should get damaged or lost
3) fit the tool with other, customized dies of different diameters, lengths and taper.

The die is essentially a piece of 6 mm threaded rod (or a machine screw with the head cut off) with the business end machined to slightly tapered punch.  It would be fairly easy to make your own custom dies for this tool, even without a lathe, using only a drill press.
This photo shows the business end of the pliers with the die removed. The die threads into the tool and is secured by the small black set screw. You can adjust the depth by how far the die is screwed it. You can also replace the die with a slimmer one for small diameter shanks.