High End Furniture Application for Grand Piano Casters

Jan, 2015.  Last fall, we were approached by a high end accessories firm who was designing an exclusive bar cart.  What they needed was the perfect matching casters to provide the foundation – and transportation.

The criteria were strict: the casters were to have clean elegant lines, to complement the hardwood and leather cart.  The needed to roll easily and swivel smoothly, and of course there had to be a locking mechanism to keep the cart from wandering. In the end, the choice fell on our medium size casters, with the non-marking rubberized coating, with the star brake handles.

Here is what the website states:

“The Sidecar rolls (or rests) on precision-turned casters fabricated for concert grand pianos. Solid brass and wrapped with a protective coating to preserve delicate floors: the wheels swivel and lock with precision.”

Piano Forte Supply is very proud to play a part in helping to bring this project together.

For the price of  a compact car, you too can own one of these bar carts!