Piano Forte Key Leads – why technicians love them

For some time, Piano Forte has been offering special leads for weighing off piano keys.

Several features make these the go-to material for technicians doing precision Touch Weight and Inertia Adjustment and regulation, to get that “Touch to Die For”.

  1.  The material is a very pure lead – considerably softer and hence easier to swage than other lead slugs.
  2.  Our leads are not tapered like slugs from domestic sources.  Tapered leads will only contact the edges of the hole at their thick end (unless someone can bore a conical hole to match their shape).  Our leads will never rattle around in their hole and are less likely to loosen and dislodge
  3.  Our leads are extruded, not cast,  which means they have no voids and are are very uniform in size.  They are a consistent very snug (thumb pressure) suction fit into holes bored by Forstner bits
  4. The best thing: our leads are extremely consistent in weight. The variance is 0.1g at most from one piece to another.  Conventional leads have variances exceeding one gram!  See  the following email I received from one technician: