Professional Piano Tuning Lever Tips

UPDATE, Summer 2021:

BKB closed operations in 2019. At that time, Piano Forte Supply bought up all existing stock of their tuning tips. Size 2 and 3 are now sold out. A handful of #1 tips remain available, while quantities last. I am sorry I can no longer fulfill orders for #2 and #3 tips.


Professional tips for piano tuning hammers.  These are very high quality tips which thread onto Hale-type heads on tuning levers.  Made in Germany from tough and durable stainless steel, these tips have precision threads and conical star-shaped orifices which meet the highest demands of professional piano tuners and technicians.  There has been a deluge of poor quality and ill-fitting tips coming on the market in recent years. American made tips are no longer what they were a few decades ago, and Japanese tips, which came on strong as American quality declined, now also exhibit a lot of quality control issues: bad threads, ill-fitting and asymmetrical star mortices, material durability issues.  Suppliers have found that they have to reject a high percentage of these tips, and some questions regarding the actual source have come up.

In this context, our German professional tips are a refreshing trend-reversing development. Besides being of highest quality in form and function, they have a beautiful bead blasted satin finish.

One technician in Los Angeles, a well known “tuner to the Stars” remarked that in 35 years of tuning, he had never before experienced so much control over tuning pins.

Not cheap, but these tips will pay for themselves in one tuning.  After that, it is all gravy for the next 30 years…

NOTE: These tips will not fit on Schaff brand tuning levers.

  • A. # 134010  Tuning Tip, Professional, size 1
  • B. # 134020  Tuning Tip, Professional, size 2 sold out
  • C. # 134030  Tuning Tip, Professional, size 3 sold out

Tuning Tips for Professional Piano Tuners