Piano Damper Felt Scissors

Our German Damper Scissors are perfect for shaping piano damper felts. They are hand ground, honed, polished and hardened to Rc 60 – 64. These are professional scissors made from surgical steel. They feature polished, razor sharp cutting edges, and rubber stopper. The finger rest adds to the comfort and control when making fine adjustments to the damper felt shape. Micro-toothing keeps the fibres from sliding away from the cutting edge. The blades are hollow ground and adjustable The action on these scissors is silky smooth. We can offer them at an exceptional price because we get them directly from the manufacturer without any middleman. The ergonomic style B is titanium coated for even greater comfort and has a gold plated finger rest. Overall length 5.5″


New as of December 2017: smaller, more maneuverable 4.5″ long version is now available!

Regular (left) and small 4.5" scissors   (right)

Regular (left) and small 4.5″ scissors (right)

  • A. #128010 Damper Scissors, 4.5″
  • B. #128012 Damper Scissors, 5.5″ “surgical style”
  • C. #128014 Damper Scissors, 5.5″ ergonomic style”, titanium coated
  • D. #128015 Damper Scissors, left handed