Master Voicing Tools for piano hammers

Master piano hammer voicing tools – highest quality, solid tools. Designed by a German master voicer with 40 years’ experience. Eccentrically weighted – will not roll off your work bench. Comfortable, solid hardwood handle, plated steel tip. A. Single needle Master Voicing Tool with precision chuck for the needle. This tool can also be used as a pin vice. B. Classic three-needle Master Voicing tool, with a tight fitting cap. C. Five-needle Master Voicing tool with five needles in one row. Same great smooth handle, plated metal tip and with a tight fitting cap. B, and C include jeweler”s Allen screwdriver for set screws, needles and spare set screws. Quality German engineering and workmanship.

  • A. #130101 Master Voicing Tool, single needle
  • B. #130103 Master Voicing Tool, three needles
  • C. #130115 Master Voicing Tool, 5 needles in one row