Small Voicing Tools for Piano Hammers

Small single needle voicing tools for fine voicing of grand pianos and upright pianos.

A. #130200 This small brass voicing tool holds 1 to 4 needles. Ideal for fine voicing of any pianos, especially good for voicing in tight spots.

B. #130210 Retractable Chopstick voicer for single needling of grand hammers through the strings, without pulling the action. The needle is mounted in a small diameter stainless steel  rod, and the rod stores safely inside the body of a mechanical pencil. By pressing the top of the pencil, the collets holding the rod release, allowing you to adjust the rod to whatever length you need for between-the-string voicing. Store the rod in the opposite direction to protect your fingers from the needle.

Back by popular demand: the Ring Voicer. These wonderful little tools have been popularized by Don Mannino, Director of Technical Training for Kawai and Shigeru Kawai Pianos and certified Kawai MPA (Master Piano Artisan). Ideal not only for voicing verticals but also for controlled fine voicing on any grand.  The ring voicers are available in aluminum or solid brass. They feature an ergonomic shaping and a beautiful, lacquered bead blasted surface, allowing for a better grip.

C. #130230 Ring Voicer, Brass

D. #130232 Ring Voicer, Aluminum

Ring Voicer

Ring Voicer in aluminum and brass