Voicing Pliers for Lateral Needling of Piano Hammers

Update, October 2021: We are sold out of the voicing pliers. Sadly, they are no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.


If you do any side voicing, with this new tool results will be achieved faster and easier. You control the positioning, depth, and number of needles at the discretion of your fine ear.

These precision-crafted pliers will become an invaluable addition to your voicing arsenal, with remarkable effect on worn hammers that need deep-needling enhancement. Noisy hammers nearing the point of unserviceability will come back to life!

Many versions of lateral voicing pliers exist, but we believe these pliers to be the most compact, user-friendly, and easiest to handle.

They fit in places others simply cannot. The technician’s skilled hands and fine touch control the insertion and retraction of the needles, while facility with the tool comes quickly and with ease.


Simplicity is the Key!

– Each side of the hammer is voiced separately.

– Penetration is half the distance of the hammer width.

– Results are fast, safe and outstanding!

– Voicing is simple even in difficult, time-consuming upright actions

– Finest quality tool design and machining

– Rugged Stainless Steel construction.

– Lifetime replacement warranty.

Voicing PLiers.8

  • A. #130150 Voicing Pliers for side needling