Piano Forte Supply

Specialty Supplier of Piano Felts, Tools, Materials and Parts

Welcome to Piano Forte Supply, North America’s specialty supplier of tools, materials and parts to piano technicians, tuners and others in the piano trade.   Piano Forte Supply is owned and operated by a German-trained piano technician who has searched out the finest in tools, cloth and felt to make them available in North America.

Top of the Line Piano Technician Supplies

Our mission  is to broaden the palette of quality tools and supplies offered to piano technicians.   We offer top-of-the-line piano technician supplies, most of which are not available elsewhere in North America, and some not offered anywhere else in the world.  Ninety percent of all items we sell are imported from various sources in Europe, the rest of the goods are made by us or made especially for us.  There are no cheap off-shore imports in our catalog, no knock-off tools or second rate craft felts.  You can count on Piano Forte Supply to bring you nothing but the best in terms of product quality.

Piano Forte Supply Ships Worldwide

We are located on the West Coast of beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  That puts us a little ways due north of Seattle.  We regularly ship to the USA (no taxes!), across Canada, and to clients in Asia, Europe, and Africa, South and Central America.  If there were pianos in Antarctica we would ship there, too!